Welcome back to our Ambi-Tech™ blog series in which we’re talking about some of the most important safety measures and precautions that you can take in your shop class or woodworking classroom. Making sure that your students are always safe is your top priority as a shop teacher and we know that you value these vital safety measures as much as anything else in your day to day life.

In part one of our blog series, we discussed the importance of having a detailed plan for each day so that you can avoid downtime in which students might be tempted to do something impulsive with the applications and machines. It’s also extremely vital that you offer extreme consequences for improper use of ear and eye protection, that way, your students will always take this safety measure seriously. It often only takes one example in which a student is severely punished for either forgetting or neglecting their ear and eye protection for the rest of the class to take it seriously.

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about a few more of the most important safety concerns and implementations that you should have as a high school shop instructor. Continue reading below to learn more!

Keep Sleeves Rolled Up and Hair Tied Back

When you’re used to working in a professional workshop or business that uses heavy-duty applications, you are accustomed to many precautions that probably have started to become second nature to you. But when you’re working with high school students, these measures and even others that should be common knowledge or simple logic might not be something that they think of due to lack of experience. For this reason, it’s vital that you have a policy that requires all sleeves to be rolled up, long necklaces to be taken off, and hair to be tied back. As you can imagine, if hair or sleeves get caught in the blade of a table saw or a rotating piece of the lathe or grinder, this could mean disastrous and devastating consequences for your students. Make sure that you take these safety precautions in woodworking and shop class seriously.

Install Ambi-Tech™ Electronic Motor Brakes

When you’re dealing with high schoolers, utilizing every single safety measure that you can have in place is the best course of action. For this reason, having Ambi-Tech™ brakes installed on class woodworking tools and cutting applications is of the utmost importance. The best thing about these brakes is that they allow your band saws, lathes, grinders, and milling machines to stop quickly so that you can avoid risky situations in which someone might become injured. No matter what your application is, from woodworking to metal cutting machinery, electronic motor brakes protect your equipment and minimize hazards in dangerous situations. Increase productivity and save time and money by adding an easy-to-install Ambi-Tech™ electronic motor brake to your equipment. Making sure that you have great quality and high functioning brakes on your large tools can increase productivity and decrease the hazards present when working with dangerous equipment.

Though we’ve listed a few of the most important things to think about when you’re running your own high school shop class, there are plenty of other shop class safety measures that you should implement. As a start, make sure that you always have a detailed daily plan, have consequences for kids who don’t abide by safety regulations, enforce the rolling up of sleeves and tying back of the hair, and always make sure that you have Ambi-Tech™ Brakes installed.

Shop the Best Electric Brakes

Ambi-Tech™ Brakes have become an industry standard in many professional and corporate workshops, and if they’re good enough for professionals, you can rest assured that these brakes are perfect for your high school classroom. If you’re thinking about Ambi-Tech™ Brakes for your classroom applications, contact us today and shop our products now!