Welcome back! In part one of our blog series, we discussed the importance of safety when using heavy duty machinery, specifically, wearing eye protection, ear protection, and gloves when operating your applications. In part two, we’ll discuss a few more important ways to stay safe while you’re working. Whether you use your heavy-duty machines for your trade or for your hobbies, your safety should always be your first concern.

No Tripping Hazards

Do you remember the first time you worked with large power tools? Perhaps you were so young when you started working with tools that you literally can’t recall. But in case you weren’t using a wood chipper at age 2, can you recall how safety-conscious you were? You were probably extremely cautious, aware of the surrounding atmosphere, and constantly on your guard for potential dangers. This attitude is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s vital to ensure that when you’re working with large machinery and heavy-duty tools that you avoid having clutter or tripping hazards on the floors. These tripping hazards can include:

  • Power Cords
  • Other Tools
  • Wet Floors
  • Any Clutter From Projects

For your safety, make sure that your workspace is free of clutter and anything that could cause you to trip and potentially fall into or onto the machine you’re using.

Tool Inspections

If you knew that you were using a saw with a dull blade or a faulty switch, you’d get it taken care of ASAP right? Since knowledge is power, it definitely behooves you to inspect your tools and machines to ensure proper function and best use. Make sure that all the parts are installed correctly and working they way they should, all the blades are sharp and functional, and that any worn out belts are attended to. Sometimes, tools that are not properly maintained can make you extremely vulnerable when you use them. For all of these reasons, regularly inspect your tools and machines.

No Machines Unattended

What might seem like an innocent venture to the restroom or 10-minute break could result in significant damage to property or worse, people. If you step away from your machine, make sure that the safety precautions are in place because you simply can’t vouch for what happens at a machine when you’re not there. For the safety of the people around you and to avoid the risk of possibly being held liable, make sure that if you’re not standing by your machine, you’ve shut it off and put any other safety measures in place. Remember, it only takes one time.

Use Ambi-Tech Brakes

What if we told you that there was an electronic motor brake system that allows your machine to stop on a dime? Imagine a table saw with a blade that instantly stops the moment the power source is cut off. Well, this concept doesn’t have to be limited to your imagination. These electric brakes are an amazing alternative to mechanical brakes for a myriad of reasons and are becoming the only way to go when it comes to brakes for your applications. Ambi-tech brakes are the best choice for safety because they are connected to the same power source as your machine’s motor. With a quick, easy installation, Ambi-tech brakes are not only the right choice for your safety, they are also great for other reasons:

  • No costly scheduled maintenance or downtime
  • Adjustable braking torque
  • Quick stop features that increase safety and reduce costly equipment damage
  • Increase productivity by decreasing downtime
  • Basic electrical hook-up for easy installation
  • No mechanical connection to the motor
  • One common power source to run both the motor and brake
  • Ideal for OEM equipment or for retrofitting
  • Wide range of options available to accommodate difficult and demanding applications

Seeing what Ambi-tech brakes offer your machines and applications, it’s obvious why Ambi-tech brakes are a great choice. Working with heavy-duty applications and large machinery doesn’t have to endanger your well-being on a regular basis. There are definite steps that can be taken to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Stepping up your safety game may look like finally wearing earplugs, clearing up your workstation, or installing Ambi-tech brakes on your applications. If you’re needing to talk to an Ambi-Tech expert, contact us today!