How Much Do You Know About DC Injection Braking?


Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Ambi-Tech Braking, we have been providing industries with electronic motor brakes for over 50 years and, as a result, we know quite a bit about the world of DC injection braking. While this subject might not seem particularly relevant to the average person, when you get down to it, electric braking is a pivotal part of our industrialized society. In today’s post, to help more people understand the importance of our braking systems, we are going to go over some of the applications that our systems can be used for. Continue reading below to learn more.


What Applications Utilize DC Injection Braking?


While most people have a solid understanding of brakes in relation to vehicles, fewer people understand how brakes are used in electric motor applications. Below, we have listed out a few of our product offerings and the applications that they are best suited for.



  • Short-Stop Electric Brakes: The first braking system that we are going to discuss are our short-stop models. These DC motor brakes provide high-performance braking for most applications and help to eliminate costly maintenance and production downtime that is associated with most mechanical braking systems. We offer three different short-stop models including our G – Series for motors up to 15 horsepower, our A – Series which is rated for motors up to 700 horsepower, and our D – Series which is designed for repetitive on/off cycling for motors up to 350 horsepower.
  • Chipper-Stopper™:  Our Chipper-Stopper™ electronic motor brake is designed to permit rapid stopping of AC motors through the utilization of DC injection braking. This method of braking creates a stationary magnetic field within the electric motor, providing braking action that is adjustable, smooth, and frictionless. With the Chipper-Stopper™, braking action begins automatically when the motor is turned off and is ideal for high inertia applications such as wood chippers and centrifuges.
  • Fan-Stop™: The Fan-Stop™ electric motor brake allows for the rapid starting of AC motors by eliminating and effect known as “wind-milling” or coasting. Wind-milling occurs when air flow or changes in pressure causes a fan blade to rotate when it shouldn’t. To mitigate this effect, our Fan-Stop™ braking system engages briefly before the motor starts, creating a stationary magnetic field within the motor to ensure that it is not rotating in the opposite direction at the point of startup. This helps eliminate mechanical stress of the powertrain or motor of the fan.



Join us next time as we continue to cover some of our most popular products and the applications that they are best used for. If after reading this blog you would like to learn more about our products or services, please visit our website today to browse our selection. Ambi-Tech is a trusted name in the DC injection braking industry and we are certain that we have a product that will fit your applicational needs. Contact us today and let’s get started!