Electric Braking Systems Offer Many Advantages

For many industries, the ability to stop a motor as quickly as possible is mandatory. This mandate is set in place to not only protect the worker from bodily harm but to also make sure that no unneeded damage is caused to expensive machinery. This can present some issues because even if the power supply to an electric motor is cut, the motor will continue to run due to the forces of inertia. In today’s post, we here at AmbiTech wanted to take some time to go over the many benefits that electric brakes offer and why, in our opinion, they are superior to mechanical braking systems. Continue reading below to learn more.

Keep Your Machines and Your Workers Safe

Safety, across all industries, is important. If an employer is unable to provide a safe work environment for their employees, they are not only failing in their duty as an employer but are also risking the lives of their employees and the health of their machines. Electric brakes have been an advantageous accessory for many industries and, below, we have listed a few of the benefits that these braking systems offer.



  • Reduced Maintenance: Anyone who owns a vehicle knows that replacing brakes is not cheap. Even if you don’t have to replace the entire braking system, brake pad replacements can often cost hundreds of dollars. Now, imagine instead of only having to replace the brake pads on your vehicle, you had to replace the brake pads for hundreds of machines in a factory. This level of expenditure is often times something that is not within the budgetary limits of a factory. Luckily, electric brakes, because they do not contain brake pads, require a fraction of the cost of traditional brakes to maintain their function. Reduced maintenance means reduced cost, saving money that can be better used elsewhere.
  • Minimal Heat: With mechanical braking systems, friction is the main force that causes the arrest of motion. As we all know, friction leads to the generation of heat and, unfortunately, machines tend to not respond well to excessive heat. With electric braking systems, the amount of heat generated to arrest the motion of a machine is negligible when compared to friction braking. Less heat means less potential damage to vital machine components, reducing the chances that something on the machine breaks.
  • Cheap: Compared to mechanical braking systems, electric brakes are much cheaper because they do not rely on a bunch of moving parts. The more parts that a machine contains, the more likely it is that one of these parts will malfunction. Taking away the risk that a mechanical brake will fail and need to be replaced can, in the long run, end up saving a business quite a bit of money in the long run.



Thank you for taking the time to read our short blog post on the advantages that electric brakes offer over their mechanical counterparts. If you would like to learn more about our braking systems or you would like to order one of our products, please contact us today at AmbiTech. We will work with you to find the best braking solution for your situation.