There are good reasons why you should consider adding Short Stop frictionless electronic motor safety brakes to your equipment. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider adding electric motor brakes to woodworking machines, saws, and routers:
1. Safety. Silently coasting machines such as radial arm saws, disc sanders and lathes are hazardous. Short Stop electric brakes can stop them in seconds, instead of minutes. Many Short Stop brake models meet OSHA, ANSI and other safety codes.

2. Productivity. Machines must be stopped before changing setups. Waiting for coasting machines to stop is unproductive. Also, if there is a problem affecting the work in progress, stopping the machine quickly can lessen the damage to the material or equipment. One customer said his saw ran for 40 minutes after shutting down the machine.

3. Profit. Greater safety and greater productivity mean higher profits and peace-of-mind that your shop has taken every precaution to provide a safer working environment for you and your employees.

4. Beats mechanical brakes “hands down”. Unlike mechanical brakes, short stop brakes do not need ongoing maintenance or repairs such as adjustments or pad replacement. Short Stop electric motor brakes are frictionless, so they don’t require regular maintenance.

5. Prevent lawsuits. In today’s environment, there are many people out there looking to make some easy money. Your company is at risk, if someone gets hurt on the job. One attorney’s web site says, “When a manufacturer fails to implement new technologies which can reduce or limit injuries, they will be held liable for a manufacturing defect. These types of defects assert that, because the manufacturer failed to install available technologies to reduce or limit injury, they failed to provide a product or working environment that is safe.”
If an accident happens, you or your company may be held liable and responsible for damages, lost wages, hospitalization and more in a lawsuit.

For more information on Short-Stop electronic motor brakes for woodworking tools, visit Ambitech Electronic Brakes.