You may be just starting out or you may have decades of experience as a woodworker, but you’re curious about which stationary woodworking tools you ought to have in your shop. The conversation around the internet lists all kinds of potential combinations, but at Ambi-Tech, we believe the list we’re about to share with you is a great foundation on which you can grow your tool collection. In fact, utilizing DC injection braking on all applicable machinery will save you money so that you can get those extra tools.

Five Stationary Woodworking Tools To Own

Which stationary woodworking tools you should own? The answer is subjective: a specific combination catered to the individual and their woodworking needs. However, this list of five tools below are a great place to start:

#1. Band Saw

Whether you’re cross-cutting small pieces or cutting logs for firewood — obviously using a different blade for each — a band saw is a great addition to your collection. It’s versatile and offers a wide variety of solutions for your woodworking needs.

#2. Jointer

Want to make the edges of your material straight, smooth, and square? A jointer is a fantastic tool to utilize in this endeavor. You can create a reference edge for further steps like ripping or crosscutting and then perfect those edges.

#3. Planer

Clean up your rough sawn stock and produce accurate piece thickness. Whether you need to keep the same thickness over multiple pieces or need to change up the thickness with each piece, a planer is the way to achieve this. Don’t go another day without this wonderful tool.

#4. Router Table

You can make any number of joints, profile edges, and create doors. Although you cannot face joint with this tool, it still offers you a wide range of woodworking abilities. What’s more, you can remove the router and use it as a hand tool, giving you more woodworking value for the cost of the machine.

#5. Table Saw

What every woodworker needs is a table saw. This tool is at the heart of most shops; it offers ripping, crosscutting, and a wide range of crossjointing capabilities. Not many will argue that a table saw should be excluded: for those that want to be serious woodworkers, this is a tool you must have.

DC Injection Braking

Your woodworking tools need brakes to regulate or slow speeds. In an emergency situation, the quicker you can stop a machine, the more you can mitigate injuries. DC injection braking gives you the ability to do just that. You will find multiple ranges of voltage and HP to match what you need in your shop. Get a quote today!

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