As the industry leader in electronic braking systems, Ambi-Tech understands that safety during machine operation is priority number one. The brakes you use for your motors matter. They are more than a way to stop your motor. Electronic motor brakes are, in and of themselves, safety features—especially in emergency situations.

In this post, we’ll share the five reasons Ambi-Tech electronic brakes are the safest in the industry. You can get a quote started for an electronic motor brake now! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more about why we’re the best choice when it comes to electronic brake systems for your induction motors.

The Five Reasons To Choose Ambi-Tech

It isn’t often you find an electronic motor brake manufacturer that focuses more on the safety features of their products than the actual sale of said products. When it comes to electronic motor braking systems, we want our customers to be safe while using their motors. Here’s how we keep our customers safe with our electronic brakes:

Safety Benefit #1 – No costly scheduled maintenance

When it comes to electronic braking, maintenance is virtually non-existent—especially with DC injection motors. When electronic brakes are engaged, no physical contact is made to slow the motor’s inertia. This means that the routine maintenance needed to keep friction braking systems functioning properly isn’t necessary with a DC injection brake system.

Safety Benefit #2 – Adjustable Braking Torque

Electronic motor brakes allow for the braking torque injected into the induction motor to be adjusted. This means that you can control how quickly a motor stops, which is an imperative safety feature. Whether in daily operation or during an emergency event, being able to control the speed at which a motor stops is vital.

Safety Benefit #3 – Reduced Equipment Damage

In the event that a motor needs to be stopped quickly, friction brakes, more than likely, will cause damage to the machine. When electronic brakes are used, they do not cause damage to the machine when stopped on a dime.

Safety Benefit #4 – Increased Productivity

It’s common across most industries that the less starting and stopping during the workday decreases the chance of hazardous situations. This is why during shift change, most everything halts production. Electronic brakes allow for quick, efficient stopping power so that less time is spent waiting for machines to stop and more time is spent on production. Thus reducing potential safety hazards.

Safety Benefit #5 – One Common Power Source

Electronic motor brakes are easy to install and even easier to operate. They require a single power source, typically the same source that powers the motor, to brake said motor. This reduces the chance for safety hazards when it comes to electrical issues and potential motor damage. Finally, electronic brakes do not require a mechanical connection to slow the motor.

50 Years Of Maximum Motor Stopping Power

Ambi-Tech electronic brakes have been used in thousands of applications. The low cost and high safety benefits have set them apart from others like them in the industry. When it comes to safe machine operation, it should be the top priority. Don’t wait to convert your friction braking system over to electronic brakes. Get a quote now!