Electric Brakes Work With Many Machines

Hello, and welcome back to our blog. While the average person might not concern themselves too much with the applications of electric braking systems, we here at AmbiTech think about them all the time. We are dedicated to providing people with the braking solutions that they need in order to make sure that the machines they work with on a daily basis are as safe as possible. When working with heavy machinery, it is vital to know exactly when the spinning, cutting, or rotating machine is no longer in operation. Even a few seconds of delay between hitting the off switch and the machine actually ceasing operation can be a long enough amount of time for a serious accident to occur. In today’s post, to show how important our brakes are across the board, we are going to list out a few of the machines that make use of our systems. Continue reading below to learn more.

Safety is a Universal Goal for Industries

Overwhelmingly, businesses want to make sure that their employees are as a safe as possible in the workplace. This not only helps to ensure that workers are as well taken care of as possible but also helps to protect the business from any liability as pertaining to negligence of  providing safe working conditions to avoid injuries and the ensuing OSHA investigations. Below, we have listed a few machines that use our Ambitech short top braking systems to help better ensure that workers are as safe as possible when operating them.

  • Lathes: A lathe is a common machine used in many industries and is used for shaping wood, metal, or other materials. It does this by rotating a drive that turns the material being worked on against changeable cutting tools. Depending on the material being shaped and the desired affect, different tips are used to machine the final product. Machines that rotate, especially machines that rotate quickly, have long been known to be a danger to workers. One small slip or a single piece of clothing getting lodged in the rotating portion of a lathe is enough to cause serious injury and, in some cases, death. Our electric brakes help machine operators ensure that lathes stop when and where they are supposed to, greatly reducing the risk of injury.
  • Tube Cutting Machines: Tube cutting machines come in a wide variety of designs but, for the most part, they are all used to cut and shape metal tubes into the desired shape depending upon the application of the tube. As with all machines, accidents can occur and it is pivotal that tube cutting machines be able to stop instantly if an issue occurs. Our braking systems make sure that these machines cease operation instantly, reducing the chance the damage to the machine or the operator will occur.

Join us again next time as we continue to go over some of the machines that make use of our electronic brakes. If you would like to learn more about the products that we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our website or by giving us a call. No matter the application, we are certain that we can find a product for you.