No matter what type of machines you work with, whether it’s a bandsaw or a milling machine, it is important to follow proper safety precautions. According to OSHA, the employer is responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. Typical examples of machines on which injuries may occur include: band saws, circular saws, punching, bending, clearing jams, threading, rotating motion, transverse motion, woodworking, grinding, meat packing, changing out production line etc. Safety measures are in place because the potential for accidents is high and personal injury could occur. At Ambi-Tech Electronic Brakes, we are committed to providing low cost, maintenance-free electronic brakes to improve stopping power and avoid safety hazards.  That is why we created our patented electric motor brake back in 1960! Stay tuned to our blog, where we will discuss everything from how to install an Ambi-Tech electric brake in various applications and industries such as woodworking and metal cutting.


Our History

Ambi-Tech Electronic Brakes, previously knows as Saldet, is now part of  TIE Industrial. Ambi-Tech Electronic Brakes has been a leader in the motor brake industry for more than fifty years. We designed our original electric brake system as an alternative to mechanical brakes. Our goal remains to reduce cost and maintenance needs while improving machine stopping power, – and increase productivity by minimizing downtime.!


Ambi-Tech Technology

The Ambi-Tech motor brake works through DC injection. Using DC injection in our electric brake system creates a stationary magnetic field in the motor, which stops the motor smoothly and without friction. Because our electric brakes do not connect mechanically to the tool, they are easy to install and adjust to your machine’s specifications. Our electric brake system serves as a low-cost alternative for those machines with an induction motor and an exposed cutting tool, which includes machines that cannot physically accept a mechanical brake. If you’re looking for a better alternative to your machinery’s manual braking system, see how the Ambi-Tech electronic brakes can improve provide maximum stopping power to increase safety and minimize costly downtime!
If you are ready to see how the Ambi-Tech electric brake system can improve your machine’s   stopping power and reduce downtime, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are available via email or phone to answer any questions you have and to discuss which of our motor brake options is best suited for your needs. Check out the Ambi-tech brake options and call today to get started!