Quick Stopping, No-Maintenance Electronic Brakes Increase Productivity and Avoid Safety Hazards

For more than 50 years, Ambi-Tech™ electronic motor brakes have been the top choice for thousands of applications as a low-cost alternative to mechanical brakes. In some cases, motor shafts cannot physically accept mechanical brakes. Mechanical brakes may not be easily accessible, or they may not have readily available replacement parts.

As a replacement for mechanical brakes, Ambi-Tech electronic motor brakes are quick and easy, permanent, and offer many advantages:

  • No costly scheduled maintenance or downtime
  • Adjustable braking torque
  • Quick stop features that increase safety and reduce costly equipment damage
  • Increase productivity by decreasing downtime
  • Basic electrical hook-up for easy installation
  • No mechanical connection to the motor
  • One common power source to run both the motor and brake
  • Ideal for OEM equipment or for retrofitting
  • Wide range of options available to accommodate difficult and demanding applications

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