Our Brake-Pak series is made to be versatile. We’ve gone to the trouble to create a brake that’s easily customizable on multiple levels. You’ll find large voltage ranges, and varied sizes that can be equipped with loads of different applicators which make installing and keeping your brake in tip-top shape easy. You’ll find the ABK brake, or our Brake-Pak is equipped to handle whatever you need.

Increase Your Safety

Eliminating friction is the best way to increase the safety of your shop. Our brakes are electronic and use a pulse of direct current to bring your AC motor to a quick stop without employing friction which cuts down on heat and the risk of a fire, obviously. One of the remarkable parts of this brake is that you don’t have to install it on the inside of your machine. This can be a small, manageable external brake that can manage the power to your equipment. This makes it easier to increase safety ratings in your shop.

The Ambi-Tech™ Brake-Pak is an electronic motor brake that permits rapid stopping of single phase AC motors by DC injection braking, which creates a stationary magnetic field within the motor. Braking action is smooth, adjustable, and frictionless; it begins automatically when the motor is turned off. The Brake-Pak electric motor brake is available in either an enclosed or modular form for added versatility.

Why Choose Us?

  • Rapid Repair Turnaround
  • All Parts Backed By a 1 Year In-Service Warranty
  • Improved Safety For Your Worker