The Braketron is our most customizable electronic brake yet. You’ll be able to toggle between on and off with more precision than ever before on almost any application you can think of. The Braketron model can be fitted to accommodate a variety of different types of motors including:gearbox, direct drive, belt, and clutch. The Braketron can also be fitted to adjust to whatever type of equipment you’re running including blade/lather direct drives, shakers, wheels, and grinder/buggers.

The Ambi-Tech Advantage:

On top of the top-of-the-line quality of our brakes and the ever-expanding versatility of our products, there are a number of reasons people choose Ambi-tech brakes for their braking and equipment needs. One of the top reasons being our generous warranty and speedy turn-around time on repairs.

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Based on the Short-Stop™ electronic motor brake model, the Ambi-Tech™ Braketron motor brake features a unique front panel with separate time and torque controls for applications that require constant change. Braketron is a dynamic, frictionless electronic motor brake that permits stopping an AC motor by DC injection braking.

Why Choose Us?

  • Rapid Repair Turnaround
  • All Parts Backed By a 1 Year In-Service Warranty
  • Improved Safety For Your Worker