The creation of electric brakes has created a revolution for most shop owners. Whatever the application, you can acquire a brake that won’t just make your workers safer at work, it’ll make them more efficient. With less time being spent on carefully stopping and starting machinery that relies on friction braking, your equipment can turn out the same high-quality product and work faster and while producing cleaner, more precise products.

The Chipper-Stopper brake may just be an electric brake, but it’s merely a smaller model of the same braking mechanisms used on subways and for other high-inertia applications we use in our everyday lives. By injecting direct current to the AC motor, the motor is stopped by the stationary magnetic field this process creates. It’s not just easier to use and more precise, it’s a modern marvel.

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The Chipper-StopperTM is an electronic motor brake that permits rapid stopping of AC motors by DC injection braking, creating a
stationary magnetic field within the motor. Braking action is smooth, adjustable and frictionless, beginning automatically when the motor is turned off.

The Chipper-StopperTM motor brake is a low-cost alternative for high-inertia applications such as wood chippers, centrifuges, and hogs.

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