The Chipper-StopperTM is an electronic motor brake that permits rapid stopping of AC motors by DC injection braking, creating a
stationary magnetic field within the motor. Braking action is smooth, adjustable and frictionless, beginning automatically when the motor is turned off. The Chipper-Stopper
TM motor brake is a low-cost alternative for high inertia applications such as wood chippers, centrifuges, and hogs.

Product Features

  • Standard Short-Stop control features, plus a 5-minute timer
  • Minimizes coasting
  • Increase safety and productivity
  • Permits jogging so the load can be checked for proper balancing
  • Low-cost brake for high inertia load applications such as wood chippers

Technical Specifications

Chipper Stopper™ – Look for the Technical Specifications on page 2 of the catalog