Our fan-stop brakes are specially designed to limit windmilling and other issues with motors that operate fan-like mechanisms. You’ll find the braking action on our electronic brakes to be smooth and fully adjustable down to the torque of the brake and entirely frictionless.

Please note that the brake will be engaged briefly prior to starting the motor. This puts a stop to “windmilling,” where the motor spins in the opposite direction prior to properly starting up. This eliminates future and on-going stress put on the power-train.

You’ll find that the Fan-Stop brake is the perfect application for your next workshop upgrade. Why not take advantage of the Ambi-Tech brake systems? Choose our models for better repairs, lower-frequency maintenance and so much more.

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The Ambi-Tech™ Fan-Stop is an electronic motor brake that permits rapid starting of AC motors by first eliminating an effect called “wind-milling” or coasting. The stopping action is done by DC injection braking, which creates a stationary magnetic field within the motor. Braking action is smooth, adjustable, and frictionless. The brake will be engaged briefly prior to starting the motor. The Fan-Stop motor brake is specially intended for applications such as fans where the motor may be wind-milling in reverse prior to the motor receiving a command to run. By braking the motor to a stop, mechanical stress on the power-train or motor is eliminated.

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