The Ambi-Tech™ Fan-Stop is an electronic motor brake that permits rapid starting of AC motors by first eliminating an effect called “wind-milling” or coasting. The stopping action is done by DC injection braking, which creates a stationary magnetic field within the motor. Braking action is smooth, adjustable, and frictionless. The brake will be engaged briefly prior to starting the motor. The Fan-Stop motor brake is specially intended for applications such as fans where the motor may be wind-milling in reverse prior to the motor receiving a command to run. By braking the motor to a stop, mechanical stress on the power-train or motor is eliminated.

Product Features

  • Braking cycle precedes normal start to eliminate starting or rollback in the opposite direction
  • Prevents damage to motor, gears, belts and bearings
  • Built-in braking torque adjustment and automatic time-out feature
  • Applications include ventilation systems, furnaces, cooling towers, heat exchangers, drying ovens, paint spray booths

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