You’ll find this short-stop model of electronic brake to be the most satisfying addition to your work space that you’ve made in years. With one installation you’ll be able to make your machine stop faster and smoother while making your machine frictionless. This, in turn, can make your workshop and everyone who works there safer in every respect. Less friction means less heat and is always a good thing when you’re working with your hands and creating.

There’s so few other brakes on the market that allow you to personalize a brake on such a granular degree. You’ll be able to specify RPMs, types of motor cohesion and so much more to make a better brake for your specific needs.

Having trouble finding the best brake for you? Don’t worry, we’re always available to help you find and order the best DC brake for you.

The Short-Stop™
A-Series electronic motor brake permits rapid stopping of AC motors by DC injection, which creates a stationary magnetic field within the motor. Braking action is smooth, adjustable, frictionless and begins automatically when the motor is turned off.

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