Ambi-Tech’s brakes offer a superior way to halt your motor and make your work more precise. Wasting time waiting for a brake to slow a piece of equipment down isn’t the best way to make the most of your time.

Access an Ambi-Tech brake to bring your shop firmly into the future with better stopping and starting power, easy repair, and frictionless braking all while you improve the safety rating of your workshop.

The Star-Brake is an electronic motor brake that permits rapid stopping of AC motors by DC injection, creating a stationary magnetic field within the motor. Braking action is smooth, adjustable and frictionless, and begins automatically when the motor is turned off. The Star-Brake includes an across-the-line starter and motor overload to create a compact single cabinet motor starter/brake combination.

These are G series Short-Stop motor brakes which are modified to operate with an internal contactor, in applications where the machine does not have one. An adjustable thermal overload is also included.

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