1. DC Injection Braking Applications

    You may not know it, but DC injection braking systems are everywhere, making workshops and the everyday world safer. In a variety of industries, electrical motor brakes are the solution for controlled braking of complex machinery with DC current rather than pressure and smoke. Because there are so many different applications available for DC electrical braking mechanisms, it’s undoubtedly a comp…Read More

  2. Advantages of DC Electric Brakes

    Electric Brakes Have Many Advantages Over Traditional Braking Systems   Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Ambi-Tech Electronic Brakes, we are all about electronic motor brakes. We have spent countless man hours developing, testing, and implementing electronic braking systems for a wide variety of fields and applications and, as a result, you could say we have become rather familiar…Read More

  3. The Top Five Methods for Braking AC Motors

    If you need to brake AC motors, it may be time to consider the DC injection braking method. Among other reasons, DC injection braking is effective, smooth, and reliable. Without the wear and tear of friction, DC injection is one of the top choices for machinery and aviation mechanics and technicians around the globe. In this article, Ambi-Tech will be sharing five of the top methods used to brake …Read More

  4. 5 Ways DC Injection Braking Helps Keep Workers Safe

    Machinery in the workplace can be a huge benefit to production and efficiency. What’s more, your workers will find new ways to use the extra time to expand and increase profits for the business. However, there is a caveat to having or bringing machinery into the workplace. Safety concerns go through the roof when machinery requires acceleration and braking to function properly. In this article, …Read More

  5. How Every Metal Machinist Should Brake Their Motors

    It comes as no surprise that metal fabricators use a variety of tools and machines every day to fabricate works of art with a very rigid, unforgiving material. Those machines and tools have brakes in them — most of them, anyway. And as a fabricator, you take your time to get your piece just right. One way you can control how quickly you work, however, is with how you brake your milling machines,…Read More

  6. The 5 Stationary Woodworking Tools Every Shop Ought To Own

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  7. 6 Safety Tips Metal Fabricators Ought To Know

    As a metal fabricator, you’re used to handling rough and tough materials. In fact, you take pride in your hard work each and every day. It’s a staple in your life that you will never get rid of. At Ambi-Tech, we encourage you to continue your craft and advance your skill as far as you can. In fact, we want to share some safety tips that metal fabricators ought to know so that you can have a lo…Read More

  8. 7 Safety Tips Woodworkers Ought To Know

    You’re a woodworker. You cut and shape wood into beautiful pieces of art. Your process involves operating machinery like moulders, planers, jointers, band saws, and more. In fact, most of your woodworking is completed with some kind of machine. It’s simply easier and faster, as well as more precise and efficient. With all of this being said, when’s the last time you considered your safety du…Read More

  9. How To Keep Warehouse Workers Safe

    It’s not common to hear about warehouse worker accidents. Add in machines and operators, and those occurrences seem to stay about the same. But in the event that an accident does happen in a warehouse due to machinery, it’s important to note that you can do something to prevent it. In this post, Ambi-Tech will share the top ten warehouse citations from OSHA, as well as the six ways warehouse w…Read More

  10. Prevent Workplace Injuries With These 5 Machine Safety Tips

    In the workplace, machinery can be a huge benefit to production and efficiency. Machines like lathes, molders, conveyors, and punch presses all help machinists get their jobs done quicker and more efficiently. What needs to be noted, however, is that these same machines can cause great harm if not operated and maintained correctly. That’s why in this post, Ambi-Tech wants to share five machine s…Read More