1. The Advantages Of A Short-Stop™ Electric Motor Brake

    At Ambi-Tech we focus on two things for our customers and their machinery. The first is productivity. With the use of our electronic motor brakes, we are able to help increase our customer’s productivity with their machinery. The second focus is safety. Electronic motor brakes remove the safety hazards that mechanical machine braking impose on those operating or near the machine. Friction-based …Read More

  2. DC Injection Braking Compared To Other Motor Braking Methods

    When you’re choosing your braking method for your machines, you probably have one outcome in mind: Slow the machine to a stop. Correct and safe operation of machines is a must, and it goes without saying that how you brake a machine correlates with how safe the machine is to operate. In this post, we’ll be comparing three other Braking Methods Compared DC Injection Braking As a way to stop an …Read More

  3. Braking Control Solutions To Improve Performance And Productivity

    It’s important to be able to start and stop motor drive inertia no matter the size of the load. There are many solutions on the market to incorporate braking methods. You can choose between quick-stop, external dynamic, flux, line regeneration, DC injection braking, and more. Depending on your application needs, you will find a variety of braking method that works best for you. At Ambi-Tech, we…Read More

  4. 5 Induction Motor Advantages

    Nearly 70 percent of machines in industries around the globe use induction motors to function, specifically three-phase induction motors. These motors use an electromagnetic field (emf) to induce rotation. Induction motors use AC to power their momentum, which lends itself to implementing a DC injection brake to slow or stop the motor. When it comes to safety, induction motors function better with…Read More

  5. A Brief History of Moulding Machines

    As one of the first materials worked by early humans, wood has been an integral piece to human advancement and survival. Over the centuries, tools like worked sticks from Kalambo Falls, spears from Schöningen, and wooden vessels from Kückhofen represent the use of and the working on wood has influenced human culture and advancement. Furthermore, wood was used in creating coffins, folding chairs,…Read More

  6. Use Electronic Motor Brakes To Avoid Machine Safety Hazards

    As the industry leader in electronic braking systems, Ambi-Tech understands that safety during machine operation is priority number one. The brakes you use for your motors matter. They are more than a way to stop your motor. Electronic motor brakes are, in and of themselves, safety features—especially in emergency situations. In this post, we’ll share the five reasons Ambi-Tech electronic brak…Read More

  7. The Difference Between DC Injection And Dynamic Braking

    When it comes to your induction motors, you want the best braking system to fit your needs. This means that your current friction brake could be upgraded. Using dynamic braking to manage load inertia? How about a regenerative braking system? No matter the brake system, you need to consider DC injection braking for your AC induction motor. In this post, we share the difference between the DC brake …Read More

  8. A Brief History Of The Radial Arm Saw

    Did you know Raymond DeWalt was credited with the invention of the radial arm saw in 1922 and later acquired the patent in 1925? 50 years after the radial arm saw was invented, the power miter saw was introduced in 1970s. The radial arm saw, nonetheless, was used as the primary tool to cut stock to length during those 50 years and is still in use today; it could also be configured to make cuts for…Read More

  9. A Brief History Of The Lathe

    Did you know the lathe dates back to ancient Egypt, and it was used in Assyria, India, and ancient Greece? Throughout the years, the lathe in some form or fashion was of great importance to those using it. During the industrial revolution, a transition in machine tool processes took place and with it came the increasing use of the lathe. The lathe is said to be the mother of machine tools; it’s …Read More

  10. The History of The Band Saw

    There are many advantages to the advancement of the band saw over the course of 75 years. A primary focus was on developing the “continuous cutting action” you’re aware of today. Throughout the years band saw technology changes have been consistent and gradual. As the band saw advanced, the question then surfaced: “how do we effectively slow or stop the band saw?” At Ambi-Tech, we’ve o…Read More