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replace mechanical brakes quickly and easily

low cost and efficient alternative to mechanical brakes



  1. Student Safety is a Main Concern for High School Shop Classes

    The Industrial Arts Supervisor at a Milwaukee School District recommended that all motor driven machines with a stopping time of more than 35 seconds be equipped with Ambi-Tech electronic brakes. Stopping times on some machines were as high as 600 seconds. Instructors are satisfied with the operation of the Ambi-Tech Electronic Brakes and feel more safe when students operate machines such as radial saws.

    Milwaukee School District
  2. Electronic Brakes Help Woodworking Shop Speed Up Production

    By installing Ambi-Tech brakes, Baltek gained an extra 30 minutes cutting time per machine and increased the daily yield about 7%. “We equipped our band saws with Ambi-Tech’s electronic brakes systems to maximize our production loads. One of the drawbacks we encountered before installing the Ambi-Tech brakes was time lost waiting for the band saw to spin to a stop before a machine could be loaded with a new block,” said HK. In addition to increased productivity and safety, he said “We no longer experience shaft and bearing breakdowns like we did with the mechanical brakes.”


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