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Ambitech electronic motor brakes are the low-cost and efficient means to upgrade any industrial machine.


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What Sets Us Apart?

Ambitech manufactures a complete line of DC brakes covering a broad range of voltages and HP. Our brakes are used in many industries including metalworking machines, woodworking machines, ventilation systems and vibratory products. We make both off-the-shelf and custom products for OEMs which are designed to optimize performance in a variety of electronic motor brake applications.

Need a Repair?

Ambitech also offers repair service for DC brakes. We adhere to the highest quality standards that conform to original equipment specifications. To learn more about a cost effective braking module for your specific application or repair of your Ambitech brake view our repairs page.



What is a DC Injection Brake or Electronic Brake?

Electronic brakes are one of the wonders of the modern world. They can force high-inertia loads to a complete stop without using friction by using electromagnetic forces to adjust AC and direct currents freely. They allow for quick-stopping and starting, low maintenance, and better safety in loads of different applications. And you could get one for your everyday equipment in your workshop to make your life better on the day-to-day.

For more than 50 years, Ambitech electronic motor brakes have been the top choice for thousands of applications as a low-cost alternative to mechanical brakes. In some cases, motor shafts cannot physically accept mechanical brakes. Mechanical brakes may not be easily accessible, or they may not have readily available replacement parts.

Quick Stopping, No-Maintenance Electronic Brakes Increase Productivity and Avoid Safety Hazards


As a replacement for mechanical brakes, Ambitech electronic motor brakes are quick and easy, permanent, and offer many advantages:

No Costly Scheduled Maintenance or Downtime Like Friction Brakes

One of the many benefits to converting your workspace’s equipment over to an electronic braking system is the reduced cost of maintenance or scheduled downtime. These systems are created with few to no consumable parts that require maintenance overtime. By making the switch from a friction braking system to a DC injection system, you are saving yourself time and money.

Adjustable Breaking Torque To Bring Any Machine To An Immediate Halt

The size and force of the machines you are operating will determine the amount of torque needed to stop them when braking. At Ambitech, our electric braking systems offer adjustable torque to quickly bring any machine to an immediate halt. In the case of an emergency shutoff, you need brakes that will work in an efficient manner to bring the machine to a complete stop, and our brakes are made to do just that.

Quick Stop Features that Increase Safety and Reduce Costly Equipment Damage

Friction braking systems rely on kinetic energy and heat to bring systems to a stop. The process of bringing a machine to a complete stop when using this type of braking system can take time to slow it down and in the event of emergency, you may not have that luxury. DC injection systems utilize electromagnetic energy to stop a machine in its tracks creating a safer workspace and less wear and tear on your equipment.

Increase Productivity by Decreasing Downtime

Depending on the size of the motor, the downtime to bring a machine to a complete halt can begin to impact the productivity of your work environment. A friction braking system only slows down the motor in the attempt to bring it to a stop and that process can last anywhere from several minutes to hours. By using high-powered electromagnets, a DC injection system can stop a motor almost immediately creating a more productive work environment for you.

Basic Electrical Hook-Up for Easy Installation

One of the many benefits to introducing an electronic braking system to your machines is that installation is quick and easy. These systems are equipped with basic electrical hookups that can easily be integrated to your machinery for a simple installation process. The electromagnetic current feeds to the motor to ensure an immediate halt to its operation when used.

No Mechanical Connection to the Motor

DC injection braking systems utilize no mechanical parts that come in direct contact with your motor. Instead, the system utilizes a simple electrical hookup connecting to the motor. When the braking system is activated, it creates a magnetic field in the motor that does not change in polarity. When the two magnetic fields from the brakes and motor are properly aligned, the motor is stopped.

One Common Power Source to Run Both the Motor and the Electric Brake

Electronic braking systems are extremely easy to use and implement into any piece of machinery. Our innovative braking systems are integrated to one singular power source with the motor. This not only enhances the safety while operating the machine, but it creates a convenient space to start and stop the machine when you need. Ambitech brakes are used to enhance productivity and reduce risk.

Optimal Solution for OEM Equipment or for Retrofitting Existing Equipment

Our brakes are the perfect solution for any piece of machinery you use in your workspace every single day. Electric braking systems have taken over the industry and have proven to be a better alternative to friction braking systems. Ambitech brakes are great for retrofitting any piece of machinery you already use in your day-to-day operations and can be optimized for any OEM you already possess.

Wide Range of Options Available to Accommodate Difficult Applications

At Ambitech, we produce both off-the-shelf products and custom made products to accommodate any difficult application. Our systems are created for any industry and can be applied to a variety of machines. Whether one of our ready to go braking systems are the right fit for you or you need something custom made, we have a solution that can work for you.



Who is Ambitech?2020-06-15T20:24:10-05:00

Ambitech originated this patented product in the 1960’s and is considered the pioneer in the motor brake industry. They were subsequently sold to TB Woods, and ultimately to the Parker Group. The Ambitech name has strong brand recognition and is remembered by many people as being a solid, reliable, brake product.

What types of machines would this be used on?2020-06-15T20:24:32-05:00

The Ambitech electronic motor brakes work in any machine that has an exposed rotating blade, cutting tool, fan blade, router, grinder, pressing, and other automated processing. The brake can be used on machines with wye or wye-delta induction motors, but not on delta motors. In addition, it will not work with DC or servo motors.

What types of applications can benefit from installing an electronic motor brake?2020-05-11T20:23:48-05:00

Electronic motor brakes are currently used in a wide range of applications including woodworking on moulders, planers, belt sanders; metal cutting applications such as milling machines, conveyors, lathes, punch presses; wood chipping; processing factories, ventilation fans, gravel vibrators; mining; school shop training facilities; food processing; oil and gas industry machinery; and jewelry and textile industries.

Is it hard to install?2020-06-15T20:25:08-05:00

Installation of Ambitech electric motor brakes is easy. In most cases, only six wires need to be connected from the brake to the machine control panel. The motor does not need to be changed out.

How fast will it stop a motor?2020-05-11T20:24:45-05:00

Typically, an electronic motor brake can stop a motor in about twice the time that it takes a motor to come up to speed. Most brakes have torque adjustments which can speed up the braking process.

Does OSHA recommend electronic motor brakes?2020-05-11T20:26:00-05:00

Any machine part, function, or process that can cause injury must be safeguarded.  According to OSHA, the employer is responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. Typical examples of machines on which injuries may occur include: band saws, circular saws, punching, bending, clearing jams, threading, rotating motion, transverse motion, woodworking, grinding, meat packing, changing out production line etc. For more information, visit OSHA.

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