1. Electric Brakes Are Better For Motors

    Electric Braking Systems Offer Many Advantages For many industries, the ability to stop a motor as quickly as possible is mandatory. This mandate is set in place to not only protect the worker from bodily harm but to also make sure that no unneeded damage is caused to expensive machinery. This can present some issues because even if the power supply to an electric motor is cut, the motor will cont…Read More

  2. The Importance Of Electric Brakes In Industrial Settings

    Electric Brakes are About More Than Stopping   Hello, dear reader, and welcome back to our blog! Here at AmbiTech Brakes, we want to spread the word about electric brakes. Although the average person may be unaware, electric brakes are used the world over and you would be hard pressed to find a factory or industrial complex that does not make use of this braking system. In today’s post, we …Read More

  3. Electric Brakes: Industry Applications Pt. 2

    Electric Brakes Keep Workers Safe   Workplace safety is a subject that is given a lot of thought in the United States. People, by nature, want to make sure that the activities they are partaking in in order to make a living are not going to result in some sort of injury. An injury sustained in the workplace is not only bad for the worker that it happens to, it is also bad for the company in g…Read More

  4. Electric Brakes: Industry Applications

    Electric Brakes Work With Many Machines   Hello, and welcome back to our blog. While the average person might not concern themselves too much with the applications of electric braking systems, we here at AmbiTech think about them all the time. You see, dear reader, we are dedicated to providing people with the braking solutions that they need in order to make sure that the machines they work …Read More

  5. Electronic Brakes: Milling Machine History Pt. 2

    The Milling Machine Evolves   Hello there, and welcome back to our blog! Here at AmbiTech Electronic Brakes, we are passionate about providing the best electronic braking solutions for our customers. Although the average person may not pay attention to the world of electric braking, we feel that the products that we provide are responsible for making sure that people are able to operate heavy…Read More

  6. Electronic Brakes: Milling Machine History

    What Would We Do Without the Milling Machine?   Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at AmbiTech Electronic Brakes, we specialize in, you guessed it, electronic braking systems. No matter what your application is, whether it be woodworking or metal cutting machinery, our electronic motor brakes help to protect your equipment from damage and minimize workplace hazards. Our brakes are desi…Read More

  7. Advantages of DC Electric Brakes Pt. 2

    Electric Brake Use is Widespread   Although the average person might not be fully aware of this fact, electric brakes are used in a wide variety of industries. Here at Ambi-Tech Electronic Brakes, we want to spread as much information about the benefits of electronic braking systems as possible because we feel that the more people know about these systems, the more likely they are to use them…Read More

  8. It Pays To Stop Woodworking Machines Instantly

    There are good reasons why you should consider adding Short Stop frictionless electronic motor safety brakes to your equipment. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider adding electric motor brakes to woodworking machines, saws, and routers: 1. Safety. Silently coasting machines such as radial arm saws, disc sanders and lathes are hazardous. Short Stop electric brakes can stop them in se…Read More

  9. DC Injection Braking Applications Pt. 2

    Braking is More Important Than You Think   Isaac Newton’s first law of motion is commonly stated as “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” In layman’s terms, this simply means that if an object is moving it tends to continue moving and an object that isn’t movin…Read More

  10. DC Injection Braking Applications

    How Much Do You Know DC Injection Braking?   Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Ambi-Tech Braking, we have been providing industries with electronic motor brakes for over 50 years and, as a result, we know quite a bit about the world of DC injection braking. While this subject might not seem particularly relevant to the average person, when you get down to it, electric braking is a …Read More