Are you considering installing electronic motor brakes, but you’re not sure it’s worth the investment and hassle? We’re here to help you move your decision along.

From saving on costs to more control over machinery, you’ll find many benefits that prove that these are advanced brakes.  

If this is piquing your curiosity, read on to learn the top five benefits of this new technology! 

1. Say Goodbye to Costly Maintenance

Mechanical brakes require friction in order to start and stop effectively. Over time, this friction will cause wear and tear that will require the brakes to be fixed or replaced. Shutting down your machinery and taking it out of commission for brake replacements takes time that you can’t afford. 

Fortunately, electric brakes are superior brakes because they don’t require as much maintenance. Electronic brakes don’t require as much maintenance. This means you’ll save time and money. 

2. Better Control

When it comes to operating any kind of machinery, having complete control over the brakes is important for workers’ safety as well as property. The braking technology of electronic brakes is superior because you’ll have more control. You can adjust the DC current of the brakes, meaning you can decide on the braking speed before mistakes are made. 

3. Improved Safety

The improved control of electronic motor brakes means improved safety. These brakes are designed to continue to hold motor loads even when there’s no power. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that lives won’t be at risk, even when there’s an unintentional cut of power. 

Electric brakes are also faster and more reliable. There are times when precise stops are needed in order to avoid damage. Electric brakes are stopping quickly in a smooth way that doesn’t shock loads or passengers. 

4. Increased Capacity

Since electric motor brakes are stronger than mechanical brakes, you can also enjoy an increased overall capacity of your machinery. You’ll be able to increase to higher speeds than normal as well as to haul heavier loads. However, you’ll also find that you may be able to save on operating costs because of its energy efficiency. 

5. Easy Installation

Last but not least, installing new brakes is easy when it comes to electric motor brakes. This is because the motor doesn’t need to be removed in order to install the brake. Instead, wires are connected to the machine control panel. 

Compared to mechanical brakes, this is far less downtime than you’re accustomed to. 

Electric Motor Brakes: The Safe Choice

Electric motor brakes are a safe and cost-effective choice if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your machinery. From the ability to adjust the torque to smooth quick-stop features, operators will have an easier time controlling the machinery in a safe and effective way. Even better, you’ll be able to save money over time because there are no maintenance costs. 

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