Machinery in the workplace can be a huge benefit to production and efficiency. What’s more, your workers will find new ways to use the extra time to expand and increase profits for the business. However, there is a caveat to having or bringing machinery into the workplace. Safety concerns go through the roof when machinery requires acceleration and braking to function properly.
In this article, Ambitech is going to share five ways DC injection braking keeps workers safe in the workplace around machinery.

5 DC Injection Safety Advantages

When it comes to workplace safety, machinery comes to mind. How do you keep workers safe around machinery? The answer that comes to mind is control of the machinery. Being able to stop the machinery as quickly as possible is a huge advantage to keeping a workplace safe. Here are five ways DC Injection braking keeps workers safe:

#1. Machine Guards Save Lives

A machine guard keeps unwanted materials or appendages from slipping into machinery. It’s a safeguard against accidents that saves lives. However, if an unfortunate accident were to occur, a DC injection braked motor is able to stop quickly and smoothly, which adds a layer of safety to machine usage.

#2. Proper Apparel Protects Workers

Workplace safety is paramount. Proper worker apparel keeps workers safe around machinery. When it comes to starting and stopping machinery, acceleration and braking is crucial. What happens when a worker needs to stop a machine quickly and smoothly? They need a reliable braking system. DC injection braking is just that.

#3. Machinery Operation Protocol Keeps Workers Safe

If machinery is moving or in operation, you want your workers to avoid interfering with it. In the case of needing to stop or slow the machinery, they will need a brake that’s effective and reliable. Over time, mechanical brakes wear down, which can fail when you need it most. DC injection brakes last longer and have a smoother slow down process, which makes braking machinery much safer.

#4. Train Workers for Operation

When workers are made responsible for operating certain machinery, they need to be trained to do so. Without proper training, the operation of said machinery is a safety liability. In the event that a trained or untrained worker needs to slow or stop a machine, it’s best to trust a brake that’s smooth, reliable, and effective. DC injection braking is a great choice for machinery braking applications.

#5. Keep Loading/Unloading Zones Clear

The speed of operation for machines is important. A machine that operates at too high a speed can get dangerous. The same goes for loading and unloading zones with machinery. Being able to control with precision the speed at which a machine operates helps keep loading/unloading operations under control. If you want to moderate speed with precision, a DC injection brake to slow a machine is a great investment.

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