Are you in search of a mechanical brake alternative? At Ambitech, we understand if you have a motor that cannot accept a mechanical brake, or if you’re looking for a better way to brake your motors or other applications. In some cases, mechanical brakes may not be accessible for purchase or not have available replacement parts. Electronic motor brakes, on the other hand, are easily accessible through Ambitech. If you’re looking for an alternative to mechanical braking, give us a call today!

Why Use Electronic Motor Brakes?

The primary benefit of using electronic motor brakes is the increase in safety in the workplace. A controlled DC current is injected into a motor, which slows the motor without the use of friction. DC braking can be adjusted to the speed and size of the motor to effectively stop the motor without the long coast-to-stop times.

If you’re concerned with production costs, an electronic motor brake reduces coast-to-stop times otherwise seen in mechanical braking systems, which results in more time producing instead of time wasted waiting for the motor to stop.

Electronic motor brakes do not use friction to slow or stop motors. This means maintenance costs for an electronic brake are nearly non-existent.
Finally, electronic motor brakes are relatively easy to install, making the transition from a mechanical brake quick and simple.

The Six Advantages to Electronic Motor Brakes

#1 No downtime or costly maintenance

The primary reason for low-to-no maintenance with electronic motor brakes is that they do not use friction to slow or stop motors. DC injection braking is a great example of this. You can apply stopping power without the friction of a mechanical brake wearing on the motor.

#2 The braking torque is adjustable

You’re able to adjust the DC current to modulate the stopping power of your electronic motor brake. This creates complete control over how fast or slow your motor stops without the potential safety hazards commonly associated with mechanical braking.

#3 Increased safety with quick stop features

If you are in an emergency, an electronic motor brake has the power and ability to quickly stop your motor without causing you more danger in the process.

#4 Easy installation with basic electrical hook-up

An electronic brake for your motor is easy to install. In most applications, you’ll simply need to connect six wires to the machine control panel. Also, the motor does not need to be removed to install an electronic motor brake.

#5 Electronic brake does not have a mechanical connection to the motor

Mechanical brakes use friction to slow or stop a motor. Electronic motor brakes do not use friction. Instead, they use DC current to “reverse” the inertia of the motor. This leads to quicker stop times and significantly less maintenance over time.

#6 Accommodate demanding or difficult applications

Across huge sectors of the industry, three-phase induction motors are used to run machines. A part of this process is braking for reasons like tool changing, press clearing, conveyor unloading, scheduled maintenance and more. When electronic motor brakes are used in these applications, they can extend the life of the motor and the machine. The safety is increased with the use of these machines due to the decreased stopping time, instead of coast-to-stop, which reduces wear on belts, sprockets, and gears.

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