When it comes to braking units, knowing which one is the correct one for your needs could mean a job that moves smoothly and a job that doesn’t end up well at all. You’ve done the research and you’ve narrowed it down to two choices: DC injection braking and dynamic braking.

Both of these braking methods have proven themselves to be reliable braking methods, but they work differently from each other, and these differences could mean a lot to the workings of your motor unit. So when it comes to DC injection vs dynamic braking, which one is right for you?

This article will explain to you what you need to know about both braking methods so you can choose the best one for your needs. Keep reading to find out more.

How Does a DC Injection Brake Work?

When it comes to DC injection braking, how it works is in the name. DC injection braking involves injecting DC voltage into the motor windings. However, before this can begin, the AC power to the motor must be disconnected to allow DC voltage to be applied. This results in a quick and efficient method of stopping the motor unit.

How Does a Dynamic Braking System Work?

Another basic yet effective method of braking, the dynamic braking system is preferred for those motor units used to lift heavy loads. This method of braking is achieved by reconnecting a running motor to act as a generator once the motor has been turned off. By doing this, the generator action will convert the mechanical energy caused by the rotation into electrical energy that dissipates as heat.

Other Differences Between DC Injection vs Dynamic Braking

It should be noted that DC injection braking units require minimal maintenance, as the working units don’t have to touch to produce braking results. It should also be noted that with dynamic braking, the braking action lessens as the speed of the motor decreases, meaning that a motor cannot be braked to a complete stop using dynamic braking units.

Ultimately, both braking units will do their job well and are sure to help your operations run smoothly.

We’ve Got the Brakes You Need

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