Electric motor brake safety is easy to achieve if you know how to troubleshoot. Many people who don’t know how to troubleshoot their motor brakes end up spending money on replacements and service calls. In a lot of situations, their problems are simple oversights that are easily fixed. In this article, we discuss how to maintain safe brakes through troubleshooting.

Continue reading if you want to avoid expensive replacements and service calls.

Read the Instructions

It’s important to read instructions if you want safe brakes, especially when troubleshooting. By understanding how the brakes function, you can try to understand how to keep them functioning properly. Even if you’ve worked with electric motor brakes in the past, you shouldn’t assume all brakes are made the same.

Some brakes require special assembly or specific adjustments during installation. For example, some units require adjustments as they wear down over time. This might include replacement parts or adjustments to the air gap.

Check Alignment

Electric motor brake safety can be compromised by misalignment. Misalignment causes excess strain, vibration, and loss of torque on motor brakes.

The best way to maintain safe brakes is to take axial and radial measurements of the shaft runout. Once you have these measurements, compare them to NEMA standards. You might otherwise consider checking with the motor brake’s manufacturer to ensure proper alignment.

Check the Size

The wrong size motor brakes can affect motor brake safety. For example, a brake that is too small may not meet the requirements for thermal capacity. This can be difficult to spot because it might seem like a failure of the component instead of an issue with the size of the brake.

If the size doesn’t meet requirements for thermal capacity, consider sizing up. Also, consider the size relative to the cycling rate. High cycling will also result in the motor brakes being able to dispel heat effectively.

Check the Power Supply

The next step in maintaining safe brakes is to check the power supply. Start with an easy check such as a blown fuse or damaged wires. This can save you from costly replacements.

You should also check the voltage of the electric motor brakes. If your motor’s voltage is not compatible with your brakes, the spring won’t be able to stop the friction discs, which will then overheat the coil.

Recheck Assembly

Improper installation is among the most common reasons for poor brake safety. Rechecking assembly is an easy way to avoid costly oversights before replacing your electric motor brakes. It also may save you from having to make a call for repairs.

Ensure Safe Brakes

Ensure safe brakes by knowing how to troubleshoot your electric motor brakes. Don’t underestimate the importance of reviewing instructions or double-checking assembly. Simple steps like these can save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

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