Is your woodworking shop as safe as it can be? Shop accidents can happen to anyone, from a new hobbyist to seasoned woodworking professionals. Even if you are taking precautions, mistakes can still happen. 

These days there are more advanced ways to prevent injury. Technologies like electronic braking systems (EBS) can stop a blade in two seconds. 

Here is how adding electric braking systems to your woodworking tools can protect you.  

How Do Electronic Braking Systems Work?

A mechanical braking system uses friction to stop. In an emergency, shutting a machine off with this kind of mechanical brake can take too long.

Electronic braking systems can seem complicated, but it is a fast and efficient way of stopping your machine at its core. Electric braking systems do not use friction to stop; they use a current reversal, stopping the blade or machine much more quickly. 

Adding EBS to Your Machinery

Woodworking tools can be dangerous, and your woodworking shop should adhere to the highest safety standards. Using EBS for woodworking can help prevent serious injury or mistakes. 

There is an electric brake system for every type of machine in your shop. If you know exactly what type of brake you are looking for or don’t know where to start, we can help you along this journey.

The addition of EBS in your woodworking shop can give you and everyone in your shop peace of mind making your day-to-day work a little bit easier.

Longevity of Electronic Braking Systems

As we discussed previously, mechanical braking systems use friction to function. Due to this, they require regular maintenance to ensure they are working correctly. 

The frictionless nature of an electric braking system means there is less to repair over time. Even if a repair is needed, they are usually relatively simple, and the turnaround time is lightning fast. 

Should you require a repair, we believe in our service, so we offer a one-year warranty on all repairs. 

Things to Remember

Even with EBS installed, machine operators still need to pay close attention to all work being done with these powerful tools. Adding EBS to your woodworking machinery is an excellent way to up the safety measures in your shop, though. 

If safety is your number one priority, adding electronic braking systems will help prevent big mistakes, injury, and even death. Fewer trips to the hospital and less liability mean you get more time in the shop doing what you love the most! Keep productivity and safety up!

Want to Know More? 

Choosing the right electronic braking systems for your machinery can seem complicated. If you want to know more contact us and we can provide you with information or a quote. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you want to know more about electronic braking systems in general, please look at our blog! There is a ton of information there that can help you make an informed decision.