On average, 204 injuries per year occur due to wood chippers. Wood chippers are dangerous pieces of equipment that sow death and destruction across the land. That is if they are handled unsafely and do not have the proper safety mechanisms. Having an electric brake on your wood chipper is a surefire way to prevent wood chipper accidents.

An emergency brake is the last line of defense for a person getting sucked into a wood chipper during the last phase of the tree removal process. Learn how these brakes do this by reading on.

Types of Wood Chipper Brakes

There are many different types of electric motor brakes, each with its specific functions and machinations. The type of motor brake most appropriate for a wood chipper has to do with the amount of torque the engine has.

An electric braking system is the most appropriate form of emergency brake because of its stopping power and response time. A millisecond delay in a wood chipper’s emergency brake can cost life and limb.

A total brake failure can be equally catastrophic. Electric brakes are not as prone to failure as many other forms of conventional braking systems. This makes them an excellent choice.

Do some research on what the best wood chipper is for your purposes and make sure to find out what kind of emergency braking system they each use. If they don’t use an electric braking system, pick another chipper who does.

Not all wood chippers use an electric braking system, but the best wood chippers do. Don’t cut corners and settle for a cheaper wood chipper that uses an inferior braking method.

The safety implications of not having the right braking system are too much to ignore. This should be one of the sole influencing factors on the wood chipper you decide to purchase.

The Importance of an Electric Brake

Wood chipper brakes often link to some sort of a kill-switch in the form of a handlebar above the mouth of the chipper. This is a literal life-saver for wood chipper operators.

If a log or piece of yard debris snags a wood chipper operator, they can press the safety-bar as they are getting sucked into the chipper. This feature has saved countless lives worldwide.

An electric brake is the only thing standing between a wood chipper operator and an auto-knife-filled doom. Without this standard safety feature, wood chippers would be much more dangerous.

Electric braking systems are quick, strong, can stop high-torque engines, and are reliable. For these reasons, they are the prime choice in wood chipper braking technology.

Don’t Settle for Less

Electric brakes make wood chippers safer. It is as simple as that. Buying a wood chipper without an emergency brake is like driving a car without the ability to slow down.

It is not worth the risk. Make sure your wood chipper has the right braking system. To learn more about electric brakes for every type of machinery, check out our page.