It comes as no surprise that metal fabricators use a variety of tools and machines every day to fabricate works of art with a very rigid, unforgiving material. Those machines and tools have brakes in them — most of them, anyway. And as a fabricator, you take your time to get your piece just right. One way you can control how quickly you work, however, is with how you brake your milling machines, conveyors, tube cutting machines, and other tools. DC injection braking is a cost- and time-effective solution to manual, regenerative, and dynamic braking methods. In this article, we’re going to share the benefits of DC injection braking as it relates to metal fabricators.

Five DC Injection Benefits For Metal Fabricators

#1. Performance

The performance of your machines will last longer when you spend less time maintaining them. What’s more, DC injection braking requires much less maintenance, which we’ll share more on later. Nonetheless, the performance of your machines will remain high over time compared to the mechanical braking performance inhibitors.

#2. Productivity

You will spend less time maintaining or waiting for your brakes when you choose DC injection over mechanical, dynamic, or regenerative. Heat is a factor when productivity is being considered. The heat machine brakes create must be dispersed. In some cases, you must wait for the heat to disperse. What’s more, heat adds stress to your machine, which increases the maintenance needs.

#3 Safety

DC injection brakes improve machine operation safety. The ability to stop the machine motor quickly is a lifesaver in times of emergency. What’s more, DC injection creates little heat when braking motors, which means it’s safer to work around or on shortly after it is stopped, powered down, and disconnected from power.

#4. Maintenance

As mentioned above, the maintenance on a DC injection braked motor is significantly less than a mechanical, regenerative, or dynamically braked motor. The simple fact is that the lack of friction in DC injection reduces the heat created and increases the time duration between pad or component replacement.

#5. Heat

DC injection produces minimal heat when in operation to slow or stop a motor. This reduction in heat does more than keep things cool; it saves you money and time. Your machines will need less maintenance due to minimal heat creation and no friction factors. Compared to other braking methods, DC injection is a cost- and time-effective investment in the braking of your motors.

Ambitech: 50-Plus Years Of Braking Power Supplied

Over the decades, Ambitech has continued to push the industry technology forward with DC injection braking and other electronic braking methods. Removing friction in the braking equation does more than reduce heat. It saves you money and time, as well as improves safety while operating the machine.
As a metal fabricator, you use machines and tools constantly all day. How much time have you invested in maintaining your tools and machines? What if you could reduce that time investment by installing electronic motor brakes? Get your brake quote online today!

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