At Ambitech we focus on two things for our customers and their machinery. The first is productivity. With the use of our electronic motor brakes, we are able to help increase our customer’s productivity with their machinery. The second focus is safety. Electronic motor brakes remove the safety hazards that mechanical machine braking impose on those operating or near the machine. Friction-based brakes cause more heat and wear out quicker than electronic brakes, which leads to higher costs in maintenance and repairs. This is why Ambitech is proud to offer alternatives that are frictionless.

With that being said, Ambitech has been leading the electronic motor braking industry for more than 50 years, and we want to share with you the advantages of utilizing a Short-Stop™ electric brake for your machinery in this post.

The Six Advantages Of Short-Stop™ Electric Motor Brakes

If you’re looking for high-performance electric motor brakes, Ambitech offers the Short-Stop™ motor brake that works with most applications. The Short-Stop™ motor brake helps eliminate costly maintenance and increase the safety of the machinery. Here are the five major advantages to using the Short-Stop™ motor brake:

  1. Increase Productivity
  2. Safer Operation
  3. Eliminates Coasting
  4. Reduce Maintenance
  5. Reduce Repair Costs
  6. Minimize Downtime

Available Short-Stop Models

Short-Stop™ A Series – For Motors Up To 700HP

This DC injection braking method creates a stationary magnetic field within the AC motor, which smoothly and safely stops it. The braking action is adjustable and frictionless. What’s more, the A Series braking function automatically initiates once the motor is shut off.

  • Normal braking time
  • High torque
  • Extended braking time (45 second)

Short-Stop™ G Series – For Motors Up To 15HP

The G Series permits rapid stopping of AC motors via DC injection. It creates a stationary magnetic field within the motor to add maximum stopping power. The braking action is frictionless, adjustable, and smooth. The G Series allows for torque and time adjustments to match braking rates on almost any machine application, and it has no effect on normal machine function.

  • Normal braking time
  • High torque
  • Extended braking time (45 second)

Short-Stop™ D Series – For Frequent On/Off Cycling

The D Series DC injection brake allows for rapid stopping of AC induction motors. A smooth and safe stop helps keep operators and the surrounding environment safe. The D Series braking method is adjustable and frictionless. It will also automatically initiate when the motor is turned off.

  • Normal braking time
  • High torque
  • Extended braking time (45 second)

Short-Stop™ Features

  • Frictionless
  • Smooth stop
  • Adjustable torque
  • No mechanical connections
  • Internal fuses

Why Choose Ambitech

Ambitech has been in the electronic motor brake industry for more than 50 years. They have provided maximum stopping via DC injection braking and other methods across thousands of applications. When it comes to the best electronic motor brake, the Short-Stop™ model and its three series are a sure way to safely and effectively manage your motors.

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