When you’re using a device that uses electricity, you’ll typically see the type of power supply it could be. The standard supply for homes and businesses is an AC power supply.

Within each source of power is the type of electrical phase that it is categorized into. The two categories are single-phase and three-phase.

Although they provide an electrical current, a single and a three-phase motor aren’t the same. Let’s look at the differences between the two and which one is beneficial for your needs.

Phase-In Electricity

Phase-in electricity is a reference to the voltage of an existing wire. The term “phase” refers to the type of distribution load that a wire can handle.

If there is a single wire used, it will have more of a load. If three wires are used, the electrical load is distributed evenly. This vital difference determines the reliability of the electrical current you receive. 

Single-Phase Motor

A single-phase motor is the most common type that’s used today. It’s mainly used for residential homes and non-industrial businesses.

Single-phase AC motors use a two-wire circuit. You have the phase wire, which the current goes through, and the neutral wire. So if you’re turning on your TV or one of the lights in your house, it’s probably a single-phase current being used.

Three-Phase Motor

A three-phase motor provides electricity like a single-phase motor, but the load distribution is different. It operates by using three-wire AC motors to split the electricity into different phases.

Many businesses and manufacturers use three-phase motors because it reduces electricity usage and saves money. Three-phase motor systems also generate three times more power than a single-phase motor while only needing one additional wire.

Advantages of Single-Phase Power

Having a single-phase power supply does have its advantages. Again, it supplies enough power to residential homes. So it’s able to power your fridge, TV, lights and charge your devices.

The design of a single-phase motor is also straightforward. There may come a time that you’ll need to check your current. So you’ll be able to understand the unit if help isn’t readily available.

Advantages of Three-Phase Power

Businesses use three-phase power because they can carry a heavier energy load while also efficiently distributing it. Three-phase motors also don’t require an additional starter like a single-phase motor. This means the energy provided by a three-phase motor is sufficient enough to start by itself.

A three-phase power supply can be more economical in the long run. The lack of materials needed to transmit and distribute the electrical current makes it an excellent option for businesses that need to use a vast amount of electricity.

The Right Phase Motor Is Key

Now that you know the distinctions between a single and three-phase motor, Ambitech Electronic Brakes can help determine the right one for your needs.

Whether you need help with an AC motor or your industrial equipment, let us help you. Contact us today if you have any other questions about phase motors.