Is safety a top priority in your workplace? Training employees on the right way to handle machinery is crucial for safety, but making sure that all of your machinery is up to date and has the latest safety equipment is even more important. 

Having a reliable and safe braking system is important for anyone that operates heavy machinery. If you can’t guarantee that your machines will be able to stop immediately when they’re told to, you need to look into a new braking system. 

There are a lot of braking systems to choose from, but we recommend that people that are serious about safety go for an electronic braking system. 

Curious about why we recommend using an electric motor brake above anything else? After you read all of the benefits associated with them, you’ll be eager to start swapping your systems. 

1. Less Downtime

If you’re used to using a mechanical brake system, we don’t have to tell you just how long the entire process takes. Shutting down machinery mechanically takes a considerable amount of time, and it can take even longer to get things up and running again. 

Don’t let downtime slow your employees and your work and switch to an electric system. When you use an electric brake system starting and stopping machines is literally as simple as pushing a button.

2. Lower Maintenance Costs

Have you ever felt like your mechanical brake system seems to need a lot of maintenance? Don’t worry, you’re not imagining things. The truth is that mechanical systems just naturally need a bit more work and attention.

Mechanical systems rely on friction to stop and start certain functions. As time goes on the parts naturally experience wear and tear and require more maintenance. Electronic brake systems don’t use friction to operate so you won’t have to worry about maintenance as frequently. 

3. Control Braking Speed

You want your machinery to stop as soon as you give the command, but having control over speed can be helpful. An abrupt stop during certain work could potentially damage what you’re working on and the machine itself. 

When you’re dealing with electronic brakes you have the ability to adjust the DC current. That can give you complete control over how slow or fast the motor stops.

4. Improve Safety

Mechanical braking systems may not be able to abruptly stop during an emergency. A machine that doesn’t stop as soon as it’s given the command is a machine that could harm employees and damage equipment. 

Electric braking systems are designed to cut power to the machines and force a stop as soon as you tell it to. This nice feature can help improve safety in your shop and give employees peace of mind when they’re working. 

5. Increase Capabilities 

Is your shop ready to handle three-phase induction motors? These motors are becoming increasingly common across various industries, and braking is important for unloading, press clearing, tool changing, and other essential operations. 

Don’t miss out on modern machinery work because your brakes can’t handle certain projects. Switch over to electric brakes to ensure that you can handle whatever job comes your way. 

Find Your New Braking System Today 

The electric braking system is the brake system your business needs. When you can improve safety, do more projects, and lower costs, why would you go with anything else?

If you’re ready for a new braking system, we’re here to help. Contact us today so we can talk about finding the best braking system for your needs.