Using the proper electronic motor brakes for your mechanical needs is essential. However, it’s often difficult to choose the perfect product.

No matter if you need electronic motor brakes for high-inertia loads or for everyday workshop equipment, this guide has the top tips for selecting the proper equipment. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Choose the Proper Motor Brakes

There are several factors to think about when selecting the best electric motor brakes for your machines and tools. Here are a few suggestions to take into consideration:

Power Supply

When it comes to power supply, it’s a good idea to consider where the brakes will be installed. The length and size of the power supply could create voltage variations or line drops that hinder the operation of the brakes.

Plus it also means that the brake could affect other equipment that’s sharing the same power supply.

The Environment

Environmental conditions can potentially be detrimental to the wrong motor brakes. Weather elements like the cold, heat, and moisture can quickly destroy them. However, by reviewing the Index of Protection or the NEMA rating will help you determine the ideal environment the brakes should be in.

Thankfully, there’s a variety of brakes to fit various needs. For instance, there are brakes with built-in space heaters, coil encapsulation, and built-in space heaters. If you’re working in a cold environment, these options are ideal.

The Cycle Rate

The cycle rate is determined by how often the brake is used. Since brake friction creates heat, the cycle rate inevitably hinders thermal sizing and selection.

If you need equipment for fast cycling, then a clutch brake is a good option.


Another consideration when choosing motor brakes is the noise. It’s vital that the machinery meets OSHA standards. To reduce noise, it helps to size the brake so that it has a less abrupt stop.

Furthermore, regular maintenance on your equipment reduces lubrication issues, overheated bearings, and belt slips. All of those issues can potentially cause additional noise.

Accessibility and Space

Both of these factors should be taken into consideration. Some brakes are created to fit within the C-face register of an electric motor. The best type of brake motor for this equipment is a closed coupled C-face mount brake.

You can also choose solo standing brakes, shaft mounted brakes, or the type that comes paired to the motor drive end.

The Best Motor Brakes in the Industry

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