The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recorded nearly 8,000 recent lathe-related injuries in their database. This database only dates back five years to 2015. That means there are almost 1600 lathe-related injuries per year.

Lathe-related injuries are a common scourge of the industrial manufacturing workplace. Having a lathe with a top of the line motor brake can save both life and limb for its operators.

So what is a lathe and which lathe has the best motor brake? This handy guide has all the information you need to know about this fascinating piece of machinery. 

What Is a Lathe?

In order to know which lathe has the best motor brake you first need to understand what a lathe is. A lathe is a type of machine that rotates an object on its axis. This allows for a variety of different cutting applications to be carried out on the said object.

Lathes can be used for carving, metal-working, or many other industrial and manufacturing applications. Lathes have been around since the discovery of pottery in ancient times.

One of the first and most basic lathes is the potter’s wheel. The modern lathe was first used by the French for woodworking in the late 1500s. The English later modified it for metalworking and other industrial uses.

Today, lathes have various applications in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. They are an integral piece of machinery for any serious shop.

What Is a Motor Brake?

A motor brake is an apparatus that stops your lathe’s engine in action and controls the speed at which it rotates. There are many different types of motor brakes each with its own level of stopping power.

An electric brake is one of the newest and technologically advanced brakes on the market today. This type of brake uses electromagnetic forces to stop inertia-heavy loads dead in their tracks.

Other conventional lathe motor brakes use friction to stop the machine. This can slowly wear down parts over time. An electronic motor brake system has a host of benefits that make it your best choice in lathe motor brakes.

In the long run, an electronic motor brake will save you money in parts and maintenance costs. It is by far the best motor brake available on the market today.

Having an efficient braking system not only preserves the integrity of your machinery but also keeps your employees safe and saves lives. It could be the most important investment that you can make in your machinery.

Don’t Skimp on Safety

Purchasing a top of the line electric motor brake for your lathe sounds like a hefty investment. But you simply can’t put a price on safety. To ensure that your manufacturing operations go smoothly, it is imperative you make the investment.

Don’t cut corners and end up cutting off the limb of one of your employees or yourself due to your own negligence. Buy the best motor brake system for your lathe today and have the peace of mind that comes along with top-quality equipment.

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