When it comes to brakes, there is no longer a one-size-fits-all method. 

The old, tried and true method is applying force to create enough friction to bring a moving object to a stop. While this method is tried and true for a reason, there are a host of other methods available.

DC injection braking is one of the sophisticated methods of braking that utilizes electric currents to force a motor to stop. If DC braking is new to you, our article is the ultimate guide to the braking method.

Read on to find out more.

What Is DC Injection Braking? 

 First, let’s dive into what DC braking actually is.

As mentioned, DC injection braking is a method of stopping a motor without the use of friction. The method uses alternate currents (AC) and direct currents (DC) to electronically signal a stop in motion.

AC induction motors are well-known for quick, efficient motion. These alternate current motors move so quickly that it is important to have a braking system that can keep up.

This is why DJ braking is such a good choice. AC power lies naturally opposite to DC power. When DC power is applied, AC power is easily stopped.

How Does DC Braking Work in Motors?

AC power is usually found in a variety of equipment, such as woodworking machinery. Using this as an example, say you work in a woodshop. You utilize a table saw to cut wood for furniture.

The table saw is running on AC power. This allows the saw blades to spin at the necessary speeds to cut wood quickly and without hassle. Throughout the day, you turn the table saw on and off.

AC power is able to run efficiently because it relies on natural inertia. This means that rotors will keep spinning unless a force physically stops them.

You don’t want to stick your hands anywhere near a table saw. Once you turn the blade off, it will eventually slow down and stop spinning, but this is not safe, either.

This is where DC injection braking comes in. By activating this method of braking, a direct current is applied to two windings of the motor. The DC current creates a magnetic resistance within the motor.

This magnetic resistance is what allows for near-instantaneous braking within high-speed machinery. This creates a much safer and much more efficient environment.

How AmbiTech Brakes Can Help With Your DC Braking Questions

At AmbiTech Brakes, we’re all about the efficiencies that DC injection braking can provide in your machinery.

If you are working with AC motors, or you are looking for the most efficient braking system for your machinery, we can help.

We have been in business since 1960. Our experts have years of experience in the world of DC braking. If you have questions about DC braking, or any of our other products, drop us a line.

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