The opportunity to work with woodworking machinery can no doubt be exciting. After all, you’re essentially working with an electric motor.

However, if you don’t have the right electronic braking system to along with this motor, then this can become a major problem.

The reality is, the right braking system is crucial to any piece of woodworking machinery. Here’s a rundown on DC injection braking in particular works for your woodworking machines.

Let’s jump in!

What You Should Know About Using Woodworking Machinery

Your woodworking machinery uses an AC motor — a motor powered from an alternating current.

This motor is known for its quiet operation and flexibility. However, it also runs at high speeds, as this allows it to power machinery and equipment that are heavy duty. The motor’s high power is crucial for achieving quality and speed in a given industrial application.

For instance, AC motors can be used to power grinders, chippers, shredders, wood hogs, cut-off saws, and power fans.

Because you need such a high-power motor in applications such as woodworking, you also need DC injection braking to go with it.

Why Should You Use DC Injection Braking?

AC motors function at very high speeds. Therefore, the motors’ rotors will keep spinning and spinning, even once the power is turned off. You can wait for these rotors to stop, but this can lead to significant downtime for your facility or plant.

On top of this, let’s say that you have to stop and restart AC motors multiple times in one day. This can also lead to a major loss of valuable time as well.

However, you can easily install direct-current injection brakes, or DC injection brakes, to safely and rapidly stop AC motors.

DC brakes offer the benefit of not wearing, as they aren’t exposed to any friction during braking. In addition, you can mount these brakes in a remote, convenient location — away from your motor’s rotor.

On top of this, you can integrate these brakes into your motor’s drive circuitry. As a result, human operators aren’t needed to control these braking units.

Another benefit of using DC injection brakes is that they can come in handy for emergency braking. In other words, you can use them to stop your motors immediately if needed.

How We Can Help You with Your Woodworking Machinery

We are proud to offer top-tier electronic motor brakes for woodworking machinery. In fact, because we pioneered the use of DC injection to stop induction motors, we hold multiple patents for it.

Our brakes stand out for being an efficient, safe, and low-cost alternative to today’s mechanical brakes. In addition, we stand out for delivering reliable and quality products time and time again.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our electronic motor brakes can add value to your facility. You can be confident that our braking units will keep your woodworking operations going strong in the years ahead.