As a machine shop leader, the last thing you want to hear is that one of your workers has been injured on the job. Unfortunately, the pieces of equipment they use every day aren’t the only things that pose a hazard to them. So do your industrial fans.

The reality is, 430 cases of occupational injuries were recorded back in 2018, and industrial fans can easily contribute to this count. After all, even though they are a common part of any workplace, they present unique safety hazards.

Here’s a rundown on a couple of core industrial fan safety issues and how you can prevent them.

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Industrial Fan Rotating Blades

A common industrial fan safety hazard involves debris getting too close to the fan’s rotating blades. This can cause dirt and dust to blow, which can harm the eyes and throat.

In addition, the high-speed flow of air that rotating blades generate may actually knock a worker off of their feet, thus causing them to suffer injuries. Injury to the body can also occur if a worker makes contact with a fan’s blades.

To prevent these issues, you should mount industrial fans high above the employees who will be working around them.  

Hard Materials That May Enter the Industrial Fan

Another common safety issue associated with industrial fans is that hard materials, like pieces of metal, can easily enter the fans.

Industrial blowers or floor fans can especially be problematic, as they are often near objects that could enter them. Any objects that enter your fan blades’ paths may instantly become projectiles that cause injuries to people near the fans.

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to keep this from happening is to mount your industrial fans on the ceiling. This will keep the fans far from scrap metal or other materials that may enter their blades’ paths.

Hot Surfaces of the Industrial Fan

Industrial fans are similar to other industrial equipment in a warehouse in that the fan motors may become extremely hot over time. This means they pose burn hazards to employees who work near them.

To decrease your workers’ risk of suffering burns, remind them to let the fans cool down before beginning work near the fan motors. 

How We Can Help Your Machine Shop

In addition to offering industrial fan safety tips, we offer top-of-the-line electronic motor brakes that can further make your machine shop run more safely and productively.

Electronic brakes can cause high-inertia loads to stop or start quickly and completely without utilizing friction. This translates to greater worker safety along with less brake maintenance. The end result is an overall better-quality workplace that both you and your workers will appreciate for years to come.

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