An AC electric motor has many uses and comes in both large and small varieties, but the problems it suffers are almost universal. While the sizes and power can vary, the makeup of them are similar,

We created this guide to help identify the primary causes for AC electric motor problems, so you understand the issues and can fix them. AC electric motor repair should be done by professionals, especially in larger machines, but small AC motor repairs can be done by anyone.

You can identify the common problems using this AC electric motor guide, so you can understand the repairs needed.

Issues With Wire Windings

A motor works through the use of a magnetic field created by a coil of wires around a magnet. When there are problems with the windings, it can cause the engine to lose power or to fail. Winding issues are caused by excessive heat, overload, bad connections and bad contactors.

They can also be caused by insulation issues such as a shorted coil, turn-to-turn and more.

While there are many causes for wire winding problems, the end result is an inoperable motor. Since there are many reasons for winding issues, you must not only fix the winding, but also the underlying cause. This may require the use of a professional to determine the cause of the winding issue.

Contamination of the AC Electric Motor

An electric motor has many moving parts and requires oil and grease to operate effectively. It’s also often left outside in the elements or inside where there is lots of dust and other contaminants.

If you run out of oil or if contaminants get into the inner workings, then it causes the motor to seize up, overheat and stop working. Sensitive areas of the motor include the cooling system and the motor shaft. 

If these areas are broken, then the entire engine may need to be replaced and not just the impacted parts. Contamination by dust and foreign objects can be a major problem for AC motors.

Mechanical Problems

Time takes a toll on your motor and creates worn parts or broken parts that cause the engine to fail. The only way to know what parts are working or broken is to have someone open the engine and look.

If the problem is electrical and not mechanical, then there are outside diagnostic tools you can use to find the problem. Common mechanical issues include overheated bearings, cooling fan and motor shaft. 

You can decrease the chances of mechanical failure through regular maintenance. You can catch problems early before they require an expensive repair.

Find Your Motor Problems

Many machines and devices use an AC electric motor and when they break or malfunction it can have a major impact on your job and deadlines. We hope these AC electric motor tips help you get things back up and running.

If you want more information about AC electric motor help, then please contact our experts today.