An electric motor brake presents a new type of maintenance procedure in the braking industry. Unlike most other traditional motor brakes, the electric brake goes by a unique set of specifications to showcase their braking power in the form of horsepower.

This way of reading your braking power makes it simple to know when it’s time to get the parts of your braking system repaired or replaced. However, there may be times when the braking specifications don’t state the horsepower information that you need, and as a result, you have no idea when it’s time to check out your brake motor or inspect its parts.

Has this happened to you? If so, you need to learn how to calculate the horsepower information on your own. This article will show you exactly how it’s done. Read on to learn more about it!

Is Your Electric Motor Brake Single Phase or Triple Phase?

When it comes to electric motors, many factors contribute to making them function properly. These include the voltage, the full load amps, the locked rotor amps, the percent efficiency, the power factor, and the service factor. You can use these properties to calculate how much horsepower lies within your brake motor.

However, your results will change depending on whether it’s a single phase or a triple phase motor. Here’s how you should calculate based off of these motor differences.

Single Phase Electric Motor

For a single phase motor, you can find out the horsepower using this equation: HP = volts x full load amps x percent efficiency x power factor / 746. The information should be found on the brake motor itself, so simply add in the numbers in their proper placement and you’ll get the results.

Triple Phase Electric Motor

With a triple phase electric motor brake, the equation will be slightly different. To find the horsepower of your triple phase motor, you’ll need to use this equation: HP = volts x full load amps x percent efficiency x power factor x 1.73 / 746. The 1.73 is added because the triple phase electric motor is 73 percent more powerful than a single phase motor, and the power levels have to be adjusted as such.

With this newfound information, calculating your horsepower should be a breeze!

For the Parts You Need

Now that you know how to calculate the horsepower information on your electric motor brake, you shouldn’t have a problem knowing when to get your motor brake repaired or replaced. If it’s time to get your brake system taken care of, you’ll want to rely on us to make sure you get the job done.

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