Proper maintenance helps prolong the life of an electric motor brake and keeps it working effectively—but do you know why it actually matters to your machinery? 

Motors and machines need to stop sometimes. Unless you plan to stop machines manually or mechanically, an electric brake is a better choice to stop a machine’s operation. 

Keep reading as we “brake” down why an electric motor brake is important for operating machinery!

Safety First

When you need to stop a machine quickly, an electronic motor brake makes that possible. If the machine is part of an industrial assembly line, the ability to pause operations without delay helps avoid machine-related injuries or expensive processing mistakes. Mechanical brakes can take too long to complete a stop when the timing is critical.

Electric brakes respond more quickly in critical moments. If a foreign object falls into an industrial machine, any delay in stopping operations can cause safety issues. Electric brakes also respond well when you need a precise stopping position.

Better Efficiency

Unlike other types of braking systems, electric motor brakes increase operating efficiency. They produce less heat than mechanical brakes, making them a safer option for machinery that handles heat-sensitive components. Less heat and the absence of friction mean that electric brakes often have a longer lifespan with fewer maintenance requirements than other types of brakes.

Electronic brakes also require fewer parts than other types of brakes. When built into machinery, electronic brakes take up less space than a mechanical system. If you need a smaller, more compact solution that keeps your machines running at lower temperatures, electric motor brakes are an excellent choice. 

More Reliable

Mechanical brakes tend to break down more often. Since they require more parts to function, these brakes have more potential pieces to break and disrupt operations. It’s also challenging to hold a mechanical brake in place to consistently slow a machine or maintain speed. 

Using electronic brakes provide consistent operation for extended time periods. When used to maintain machine operating speeds, engaging the electric brake can take place off and on for many miles. Operators must be able to depend on the braking system to slow machine production as-needed and on-demand. 

You’ll also save money without costly machine downtime or repairs for your braking system when you choose electric brakes. 

Choose the Best Electric Motor Brakes For Your Machines

Your machines can benefit from electric motor brakes! However, it’s critical to choose the best type of brakes for your machines. Whether you need AC motor braking or a DC motor brake, there’s an ideal non-friction stopping method for almost any machine. 

Ambitech electronic motor brakes are the best way to upgrade the stopping function of any industrial machine. Our expert team of technicians can help you find the best brakes for your needs. Contact us to learn more about our electronic brakes or get a quote for parts and service.